Low Down and Dirty exists to promote Dirt Track racing, and is committed to providing our fans with the latest news, results, and on goings within the Dirt Track Racing community.  From the Greater Northeast and Beyond our crew gets you the low down on everything dirt. 

Our crew, spends endless time and effort on delivering the most up to date, accurate, and behind the scenes news.  As our show grows we continue to invest our time and money into improving our listeners experience. 
We can not thank our fans and teams enough what have helped to bring our show to where we are at today, from all the fans, drivers, owners, track personnel, and everyone who touches racing, we again thank you. 
We are now at a stage with our show where improvements and upgrades will begin to roll out as we grow our studio and media outlets, with this we are asking for you the fan, for your help and participation, to help deliver the best experience available when tuning into our show and media. 
Our current Low Down and Dirty stickers that are given to drivers around the country will be available to any and all fans with a donation of $5.00 or more to the Low Down and Dirty show.   With your donation, a subscription to our Low Down and Dirty blog will be created to deliver all the news, all the time, directly your inbox as it comes out on Low Down and Dirty. 
It is not about us, it is all about the sport we love. We want to create new fans and bring existing fans closer to the sport. Our goal is to bring you the latest breaking news and results as we see it in the style that is LOW DOWN and DIRTY.